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Budi Siebert ''Hmm...'' (1983) (Vinyl Rip)

Budi Siebert ''Hmm...'' (1983)

Although Budi had been on the scene for more than twenty years, it was only in 1983 when he was working with Andreas Vollenweider that a large audience became aware of him. He recorded two albums with Andreas and played more than two hundred concerts with the Vollenweider-Band. Before that he had been working with various jazz-rock outfits and produced several german bands, noteably BAP, who have since become one of Germany’s biggest rock-acts.
After his studies of saxophone, flute and composition at the Stuttgart Academy of Music in the seventies, Budi developed a strong interest in the cultures and music of the third world, and learned to play many strange and exotic instruments.
Budi’s irrepressable and unpredictable style, and the sophisticated and richly textured musical contours represent his respect and deep appreciation for life and nature.
Produced by Budi Siebert and Johannes Wohlleben

Budi Siebert: Saxophones, Marimba, Percussion, Keyboards, Steeldrums, Chinese Flute, Clarinet, Bamboo Flute, Melodica, Traverse Flute, Bass Flute, electric Guitar, Darbuka
Martin Kolbe: Bass, Guitar, Percussion
Jo Koinzer: Percussion
Ralf Illenberger: Guitar, Lyra
Thomas Rabenschlag: Grand Piano, Harmonium
Wolf Stryi: Bass- and Contrabass Clarinet
Johannes Wohlleben: Oral Percussion
Wolfgang Lauer: acoustic Bass
Bernd Konrad: Clarinet
Friedemann: Guitar
The children of Etzelstrasse Kinderladen, Stuttgart, Germany: Choir

1 Hmm... Tanz der Korperlinge
2 He Janusch (Du Stinkbeutel)
3 Pienes Tanz
4 Wenn erst die grauen Panther tanzen
5 Schmerz lass nach
6 Was ist die Zeit
7 Lied uber eine Liebe
8 Noch leben die Walder
9 Alles im Fluss

Composed by:
Budi Siebert (2, 4, 5, 7, 8)
Budi Siebert, R. Illenberger, M. Kolbe and T. Rabenschlag (9)
Budi Siebert, Ralf Illenberger and Martin Kolbe (1)
Budi Siebert, Thomas Rabenschlag and Jo Koinzer (6)
Budi Siebert, T. Rabenschlag, Wolfgang Lauer and Jo Koinzer (3)

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  • Budi Siebert 'Hmm...' 1983

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    Vic Chesnutt ''Is the Actor Happy?'' (1995)

    Vic Chesnutt ''Is the Actor Happy?'' (1995)
    Release Date: May 23, 1995

    1. Gravity of the Situation 4:09
    2. Sad Peter Pan 3:31
    3. Strange Language 3:12
    4. 0:34
    5. Onion Soup 4:41
    6. Doubting Woman 3:44
    7. Wrong Piano 2:55
    8. Free of Hope 5:51
    9. Betty Lonely 4:27
    10. 0:20
    11. Thumbtack Chesnutt 4:49
    12. Thailand Chesnutt 3:53
    13. Guilty by Association 3:58

    Review by Matt Fink
    Probably as good an album as Chesnutt has made, Is the Actor Happy? verifies his standing as one of the most relevant songwriters of the '90s. Pristine production that insures that not a note is wasted or out of place, it provides the perfect vehicle for Chesnutt's slice-of-life short stories. At times more accessible than the average Chesnutt record with instantly engaging tracks like "Gravity of the Situation," "Onion Soup" and "Guilty By Association" (featuring Michael Stipe), it is still not by any means a light-hearted affair. The album is a beautiful testament to Chesnutt's unique voice and the adversity that he's been through. Heartbreakingly delicate folk rock arrangements are followed by crashing guitar crescendos as the perfect vehicles for taking Chesnutt's songs to places very few songwriters have been or can go.

    Humppazoid notes
    This guy might be intersting for everyone who like songwriters (like Michael Penn, Aimee Mann up to Eels, Lisa Germano and Calexico). I think he is more popular in Europe than in USA. I would like to thanks one of ICOHTEC member from East Berlin for ''Silver Lake'' album and Ron from Aschaffeburg who picked up this album for me.

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    Vic Chesnutt ''Is the Actor Happy?'' (1995)
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    Andy White ''Himself'' (1990)

    Andy White ''Himself'' (1990)

    1. in a groovy kind of way
    2. 1000000 miles
    3. six string street
    4. freeze-out
    5. just jumped out of a tree
    6. 20 years
    7. the guildford fourthe
    8. pale moonlight
    9. birds of passage
    10. st. patrick good luck
    11. cowp #1
    12. the whole love story
    13. cowp #2
    14. six string street 30 mph*
    15. travelling circus*

    *this edition has two extra tracks from the original vinyl album

    Please - visit Andy White site to get more info, CDs, T-Shirts by this artist:)

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    Andy White Himself 1990
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    I'm looking for Andy White's 'Travelling Circus' song from 'Himself' CD. I picked one at ebay, but seller was unhonest - this track on CD completely unreadable - so if anyone have it - please - share in WAV (file will be about 40 MB) format through rapidshare!

    F.S.K. meets Antony ''Shake'' Shakir "First Take Then Shake" CD

    F.S.K. meets Antony ''Shake'' Shakir "First Take Then Shake" CD
    Release: March 2004

    „First Take Then Shake" is the 11th studio album of F.S.K. In the more than 20 years of their existence F.S.K. (still Thomas Meinecke, Michaela Melian, Justin Hoffmann, Wilfried Petzi and Carl Oesterhelt) have travelled an uncompared musical journey from new wave to country and since their 1996 disko B 12'' "4 Instrumentals" (db61) and the two albums "Tel Aviv" (1998) and "X" (2000) on Sub Up Records deeper and deeper into band-oriented electronic music and its repetitive sound-structures between post-rock and post-electronica.
    F.S.K. were the most invited non-english band to attend Peel-sessions and are one of the few german bands besides Can who were granted an entry in a book called the „Unknown Legends of Rock'N'Roll".
    In February 2003 they went to Uphon Studio/Weilheim with engineer Mario Thaler (The Notwist, Tied + Tickled Trio) for the fourth time and recorded their new album with one half of the tracks being instrumentals and the other half (again) songs with lyrics. The roughmixes of these songs were sent to the Detroit-based afro-american techno/house legend Anthony "Shake" Shakir. F.S.K goes afro-germanic. In september Shakir flew to Munich with his sampler and one more week was spend together with the band in Weilheim producing "First Take Then Shake". A band Photograph was shot in front of the legendary BMW building: motor cities united. The first praise of this unusual cooperation already appeared in the most important german music magazines months before the album's release.
    "First Take Then Shake" is the first full length album of F.S.K. on disko B
    The artwork for the design of the album was realized by the german artist Olaf Nicolai. The portraits that were used for the cover are part of the series "The Blondes" (2003/2004).

    1. Swing To Bop
    2. Ballroom
    3. Kinski Jones
    4. Salt Peanuts
    5. In Loving Memory
    6. Incident With The Dogs
    7. Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
    8. Black Music
    9. The Blues And The Abstract Truth
    10. Tiger Rag
    11. Tiger Rag Remixed

    MP3 192 kbps
    70.1 MB

    Still missing following albums by F.S.K. - if You have them- please - upload (192 kbps MP3 at rapidshare will be great!):
    Continetal Breakfast LP (1987) Ediesta Records

    Richmond, 1991

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    Alfred Schnittke Symphony no. 5 / Concerto Grosso no. 4 (1988)
    CD London 430 698-2

    In four movements:
    1. Allegro - 5 min.
    2. Allegretto - 9 min.
    3. Lento (attacca). Allegro - 17 min.
    4. Lento - 9 min.

    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra,
    Riccardo Chailly (cond)
    Soloists are Jan Spronk (oboe)
    Jaap van Zweden (violin)
    Jan Piet Knijff (harpsichord)
    Robert Waterman (violin)
    Gerrit Jan Leuverink (viola)
    Saskia Boon (cello)
    Ruud van den Brink (piano)

    Thanks goes to
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  • who friendly uploaded it from personal collection.

    MP3 192 kbps

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto no. 2 for cello and orchestra (1990)

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto no. 2 for cello and orchestra (1990)
    CD Sony Classical CD 48241

    London SO, Seiji Ozawa (cond),
    Mstislav Rostropovich (cello)

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    MP3 192 kbps

    Alexandre Knaifel ''The Canterville Ghost'' (1966)

    Alexandre Knaifel ''The Canterville Ghost'' (1966)

    CD: Harmonia Mundi / Saison Russe. Le Chant du monde , 1991.
    Le fantome de Canterville (The Canterville Ghost).
    The operatic scenes inspired by Oscar Wilde. Moscow Theater "Forum" Orchestra, Stanislav Suleymanov (bass), Tatiana Monogarova (soprano), Alexander Levental (organ), conductor Mikhail Yurovski.

  • 1 Le Fantome. Premier monologue
  • 11.7 MB
  • 2 Virginia
  • 4.4 MB
  • 3 Le Fantome. Second monologue
  • 21.3 MB
  • 4 Le Fantome. Passacaille pour orgue
  • 15.3 MB
  • 5 Le Fantome et Virginia
  • 16.3 MB

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    Notes for Alfred Schnittke Downloaders

    Thank You for downloading Alfred Schnittke opuses from my blog.
    If You have any other opus by Alfred Schnittke - please - share!
    I'm especially looking for Symphonies No. 6,7,8,9 and concertos.
    MP3 with 192 kbps at rapidshare will be fine!
    Thank U!

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    Alfred Schnittke Concerto for viola and orchestra (1985)

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto for viola and orchestra (1985)
    CD Melodiya SUCD 10-00068

    USSR Ministry of Culture SO
    Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (cond)
    Yuri Bashmet (viola)

    In three movements:
    1. Largo - 5 min.
    2. Allegro molto - 12 min.
    3. Largo - 17 min.

    MP3 192 kbps
    48.6 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto No.1 for cello and orchestra (1985-1986)

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto No.1 for cello and orchestra (1985-1986)

    In four movements:
    1. Pesante: Moderato - 14 min.
    2. Largo - 10 min.
    3. Allegro vivace - 4 min.
    4. Largo - 12 min.

    MP3 192 kbps
    58.0 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto for soprano and mixed chorus (1984-1985)

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto for soprano and mixed chorus (1984-1985)
    On verses from the "Book of Mournful Songs" by Gregory of Narek. Commissioned by Moscow Chamber Choir.
    CD Melodiya SUCD 10 00066

    USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Chorus
    Valery Polyansky (cond)
    E. Dof-Donskaya (soprano)

    Part One - 15 min.
    Part Two - 7 min. 30 sec.
    Part Three - 13 min.
    Part Four - 4 min. 30 sec.

    MP3 192 kbps
    23.6 MB
    11.8 MB
    16.4 MB
    8.5 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Two Short Pieces for organ (1980)

    Alfred Schnittke Two Short Pieces for organ (1980)
    CD Melodiya SUCD 10 00066

    O. Yanchenko (organ)

    MP3 192 kbps
    6.1 MB
    5.2 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto Grosso No.2 (1981-1982)

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto Grosso No. 2 for violin, cello and triple symphony orchestra (1981-1982)
    CD Melodiya SUCD 10-00068

    USSR Ministry of Culture SO
    Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (cond)

    In four movements:
    1. Andantino. Allegro - 6 min.
    2. Pesante - 9 min.
    3. Allegro - 5 min. 30 sec.
    4. Andantino - 12 min.

    MP3 192 kbps
    46.5 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto Grosso No. 1 (1977)

    Alfred Schnittke Concerto Grosso no. 1 for two violins, prepared piano, harpsichord and 21 strings (1977)

    In six movements:
    1. Preludio (attacca) - 6 min.
    2. Toccata (attacca) - 5 min.
    3. Recitativo - 9 min.
    4. Cadenza (attacca) - 2 min. 30 sec.
    5. Rondт (attacca) - 7 min. 30 sec.
    6. Postludio - 3 min.

    MP3 192 kbps
    38.4 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Symphony No. 3 (1981)

    Alfred Schnittke Symphony No. 3 (1981)
    CD Melodiya SUCD 10 00064

    USSR Ministry of Culture SO
    Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (cond)

    In four movements:
    1. Moderato
    2. Allegro
    3. Allegro pesante (attacca)
    4. Adagio

    MP3 192 kbps
    19.2 MB
    17.6 MB
    11.2 MB
    25.8 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Symphony no. 2 "St. Florian" (1979)

    Alfred Schnittke Symphony no. 2 "St. Florian" for vocal soloists, chamber choir and symphony orchestra (1979)
    CD Melodiya SUCD 10 00063

    Leningrad PO,
    USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Chorus,
    Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (cond)

    In six movements:
    1. Recitativo (Kyrie) - 11 min.
    2. Maestoso (Gloria) - 5 min.
    3. Moderato (Credo) - 9 min.
    4. Pesante (Cucifixus) - 8 min. 30 sec.
    Coda: Agitato (Et resurrexit), Maestoso - 4 min.
    Introduction to V. Andante (Sanctus) - 4 min.
    5. Andante (Sanctus. Benedictus) - 8 min.
    6. Andante (Agnus Dei) - 11 min.

    MP3 192 kbps
    16.2 MB
    6.8 MB
    10.2 MB
    16.2 MB
    14.7 MB
    13.8 MB

    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    Alfred Schnittke Symphony No. 4 (1984)

    Symphony no. 4 for two vocal soloists, piano, chamber chorus and chamber orchestra in a single movement (1984)

    Duration: 41 minutes
    USSR Ministry of Culture Orchestra SO,
    Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (cond),
    Viktoria Postnikova (piano) (Recording: 1986)

    MP3 192 kbps
    63.6 MB

    Alfred Schnittke Symphony No. 1 (1969-1972)

    Alfred Schnittke Symphony No. 1 (1969-1972)

    In four movements:
    1. Senza tempo / Moderato / Allegro / Andante - 21 min.
    2. Allegretto - 15 min.
    3. Lento (attacca) - 9 min.
    4. Lento - 27 min.

    MP3 192 kbps
    83.2 MB

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    Nol «Song About Unanswered Love to Motherland» 1991

    Nol «Song About Unanswered Love to Motherland» 1991
    01 This Russian Rock'n'Roll
    02 Street Cars Going To Die
    03 Lenin Street
    04 Cycory
    05 Walking, Smoking
    06 Song About Real Indian
    07 You're the braker
    08 Song About Unanswered Love to Motherland
    09 Man & Cat
    10 Dr. Hidder* (bonus)
    11 Forward, Screw!* (bonus)

    This albums is a classic of russian underground rock by true accordeon genius Feoydr Chistiakov and his group called Nol (russian word for «zero»). Songs like «Walking, Smoking», «Song About Real Indian» & «Man & Cat» deserved status of peoples ones in Russia. «Walking, Smoking», «Song About Real Indian» both about marijuana, «Man & Cat» - is about heroin cracking. Hidden and open citations from classical and modern music and simple melodies, meaningful, but still playful lyrics - all in one album. If You like acoustical rock (like Calexico or Lisa Germano)and unusual languages - this one will be a prefect addition to You collection.

    MP3 variable bitrate
    53.6 MB

    Totally Fuzzy