Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nol «Song About Unanswered Love to Motherland» 1991

Nol «Song About Unanswered Love to Motherland» 1991
01 This Russian Rock'n'Roll
02 Street Cars Going To Die
03 Lenin Street
04 Cycory
05 Walking, Smoking
06 Song About Real Indian
07 You're the braker
08 Song About Unanswered Love to Motherland
09 Man & Cat
10 Dr. Hidder* (bonus)
11 Forward, Screw!* (bonus)

This albums is a classic of russian underground rock by true accordeon genius Feoydr Chistiakov and his group called Nol (russian word for «zero»). Songs like «Walking, Smoking», «Song About Real Indian» & «Man & Cat» deserved status of peoples ones in Russia. «Walking, Smoking», «Song About Real Indian» both about marijuana, «Man & Cat» - is about heroin cracking. Hidden and open citations from classical and modern music and simple melodies, meaningful, but still playful lyrics - all in one album. If You like acoustical rock (like Calexico or Lisa Germano)and unusual languages - this one will be a prefect addition to You collection.

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