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Quod licet Iovi, non licet Bowie... or Jazz on Mars?

Caecilie Norby "My Corner of the Sky" 1997Release Date Apr 22, 1997 Blue Note
Review by Scott Yanow
Danish singer Caecilie Norby's first recording to be released in the United States is quite a mixed bag. At times, Norby comes across as Nancy Wilson, going over the top in places and not showing much subtlety; on Irving Berlin's classic "Suppertime," she does not seem to know what she is singing about, sounding quite upbeat about a lynching. Some other selections are pop-ish (including odd revivals of "The Look of Love" and "Spinning Wheel"), but there are places (such as on "Just One of Those Things" and Wayne Shorter's "African Fairytale") where Norby shows potential as a jazz singer. She is assisted by a strong cast of Americans and Scandinavians (including pianists Dave Kikoski and Joey Calderazzo, keyboardist Lars Jansson, drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, trumpeter Randy Brecker, and, on "Spinning Wheel," tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker), but Caecilie Norby's more significant work probably lies in the future.
01 The Look of Love Bacharach, David 3:00
02 The Right to Love Lees, Schifrin 2:58
03 Set Them Free Sting 4:27
04 Supper Time Berlin 3:46
05 African Fairytale Norby, Shorter 5:44
06 Life on Mars? Bowie 3:40
07 Spinning Wheel Clayton-Thomas 5:06
08 What Do You See in Her David, Weldon 3:09
09 Just One of Those Things Porter 3:54
10 Snow Bak, Norby 5:22
11 Song for You Russell 3:52
12 Calling You Telson 5:24
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If You like F.S.K. - why don't You'll try C.V.B.?

Camper Van Beethoven "Cigarettes & Carrot Juice: The Santa Cruz Years" (2002) Release Date Nov 5, 2002 Recording Date Jan 1985-Apr 1990

Review by Sean Carruthers
There are a number of reasons why, of all of the bands that were major contributors to the indie/alternative revolution in the mid-'80s, Camper Van
Beethoven is one of the least well-known. One of them was the band's eclectic sound, which incorporated acoustic sounds like violin and mandolin, and
which was so different that it's hard to see just how Camper Van Beethoven could possibly be thought of alongside harder-rocking artists like Hüsker
Dü, the Butthole Surfers, or The Replacements, despite being played on the same college radio stations and having performed in the same venues.
Probably more responsible for the group's relative obscurity was the low availability of their early releases; even though they were eventually
reissued by IRS following the group's demise, it was too late — those who already knew of the band already had the releases, and those who didn't
probably couldn't be bothered to check out the band's mix of rock, ska, and folk, especially in a post-Nirvana world where volume was more valued
than variety. It's therefore nice (if a tad puzzling, this far down the road) to see the Cigarettes & Carrot Juice: The Santa Cruz Years box set,
which collects all of the band's pre-Virgin albums, the Camper Vantiquities collection, and a previously unreleased set of live material. Each of the
five discs here is repackaged in a small cardboard sleeve that reproduces the original album artwork, and a small booklet containing two essays
recalling the early days of the band accompanies these. Those who already have the band's early albums have little incentive to pick this one up,
especially as the disc of new material in the box set (quaintly titled "Greatest Hits Played Faster") mostly consists of material from the two Virgin
albums. And contrary to the title's claim, they're pretty similar to the album versions. Those who don't have this material already, on the other
hand, are strongly encouraged to check this one out — not only does it have almost all the Camper Van Beethoven you need, but the low price of this
set leaves you with no excuse.
Humppazoid notesMuch like F.S.K., but unfortunally sung on english. This post is tribute to HalloGallo who disappeared for few weeks - I hope You're ok HG?Thank You for John Cale albums!:)

01 Border Ska Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 2:50
02 The Day That Lassie Went to the Moon Lowery, McDaniel 3:14
03 Wasted Ginn, Morris 1:59
04 Yanqui Go Home Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 2:41
05 Oh No! Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 1:54
06 9 of Disks Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 2:36
07 Payed Vacation: Greece Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 1:52
08 Where the Hell Is Bill? Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 2:06
09 Vladivostock Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 2:22
10 Skinhead Stomp Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 1:48
11 Tina Traditional 1:37
12 Take the Skinheads Bowling Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 2:32
13 Mao Reminisces About His Days in Southern China Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 1:59
14 I Don't See You Laing, Lowery, Molla 2:23
15 Balalaika Gap Krummenacher, Lowery, Segel 2:13
16 Opi Rides Again/Club Med Sucks Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 3:55
17 Ambiguity Song Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 2:29
18 Abundance Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:53
19 Cowboys from Hollywood Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:43
20 Sad Lovers Waltz Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 4:03
21 Turtlehead Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:17
22 I Love Her All the Time Sonic Youth 2:20
23 No Flies on Us Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:46
24 Down and Out Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:37
25 No Krugerrands for David Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:22
26 (Don't You Go To) Goleta Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:31
27 Four Year Plan Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:49
28 (We're A) Bad Trip Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:32
29 Circles Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:53
30 Dust Pan Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:54
31 Sometimes Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:38
32 Chain of Circumstance Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:29
33 ZZ Top Goes to Egypt Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:07
34 Cattle (Reversed) Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:51
35 Form Another Stone Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:10
36 No More Bullshit Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:09
37 Good Guys and Bad Guys Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:56
38 Joe Stalin's Cadillac Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:31
39 Five Sticks Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:38
40 Lulu Land MacKinney 2:40 41 Une Fois Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:29
42 We Saw Jerry's Daughter Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:09
43 Surprise Truck Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:27
44 Stairway to Heavan (Sic) Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:32
45 The History of Utah Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:52
46 Still Wishing to Course Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:50
47 We Love You Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:03
48 Hoe Yourself Down Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:50
49 Peace & Love Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:39
50 Folly Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:57
51 Interstellar Overdrive Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright 7:45
52 Shut Us Down Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 1:26
53 Heart Lowery 3:08
54 Never Go Back Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:24
55 Seven Languages Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 4:12
56 Axe Murderer Song Lowery 2:28
57 SP 37597 Krummenacher, Lowery, Segel 3:04
58 Crossing Over Krummenacher, Lowery, Molla ... 3:24
59 Guardian Angels Lowery, Molla 2:06
60 I'm Not Like Everybody Else Davies 3:24
61 A.C. Cover Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:01
62 Porpoise Mouth MacDonald 2:38
63 (We Workers Do No Understand) Modern Art Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:58
64 We Eat Your Children Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:49
65 Six More Miles to the Graveyard Williams 2:57
66 Ice Cream Everyday Box of Laffs, Curkendall ... 4:04
67 Processional Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:48
68 Photograph/Om Eye (Sweet Isthmus) Harrison, Starr 19:39
69 All Her Favorite Fruit [Orchestral] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 5:26
70 Sweethearts [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 4:34
71 Tania [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:57
72 Eye of Fatima Pts. I and II [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 5:14
73 My Baby Just Got Outta Jail [live] Lowery 3:35
74 Borderline [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:45
75 Turquoise Jewelry [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:10
76 She Divines Water [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 4:00
77 L' Aguardiente [live] Immergluck, Krummenacher ... 5:12
78 Life Is Grand [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 2:55
79 When I Win the Lottery [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:36
80 James River [live] Lowery 3:58
81 One of These Days [live] Krummenacher, Lisher, Lowery ... 3:40

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When I was 13 y.o. & f.t.i.l. "This & That" was my secrect Hymn

Michael Penn "March" 1989

Review by Mark Morgenstein
Michael Penn's debut album, March, released in late 1989, served notice there was another talented Penn brother, in addition to actors Sean and Chris. The album kicks off with one of the top singles of the winter of 1989-1990, "No Myth," and proceeds through an engrossing myriad of folk-tinged ballads and up-tempo rockers. Despite several literary allusions and the ponderous title and lyrics of "Cupid's Got a Brand New Gun," on the whole, Penn doesn't take himself too seriously. "Brave New World" is an absurd Dylan-esque hodgepodge of rhyme, and "Big House" is devoted to the childhood prank of ringing doorbells, then running. The coda is "Evenfall," maybe the best '60s "frat rock" song since the '60s, with a horn section that makes you want to dance until the campus police close down the party.

1 No Myth Penn 4:10
2 Half Harvest Penn 4:05
3 This & That Penn 3:31
4 Brave New World Penn 4:32
5 Innocent One Penn 3:16
6 Disney's a Snow Cone/Bedlam Boys Penn, Warren 5:11
7 Invisible Penn 3:45
8 Cupid's Got A Brand New Gun Penn 3:27
9 Big House Penn 2:56
10 Battle Room Penn 3:37
11 Evenfall Penn 3:54

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The Toasters "Hard Band for Dead" 1996

The Toasters "Hard Band for Dead" 1996

Review by Jo-Ann Greene
The Toasters's clever take on the title of Prince Buster's ska classic "Hard Man for Dead", says it all; this is a band who have soldiered on through thick and thin, determined to complete their mission of spreading ska to the masses. And to that end, the group open a window to the past, although the Buster cover apart, the band don't so much revisit ska's past as the Sixties's in general. Initially the band toyed with titling this set The Toasters Watch TV, and fabulous versions of two vintage theme songs - "Secret Agent Man" and "Maxwell Smart" (the theme to Get Smart), illustrate why. But the group quickly widened their scope far beyond telly tunes. "Don't Come Running" briefly pays tribute to the British hard rock heroes that emerged at the end of the decade, "Properly" to the rock steady that raged in Jamaica a couple of years earlier, while "Skaternity" shines that style through a Two Tone prism.
But the sounds of the Sixties were themselves rooted in the Fifties past, and the instrumental "Mouse" marvelously resurrects the jazzy big band sounds of that decade, assisted by Skatalite saxophonist Lester Sterling. Equally crucial to the ska mix was boogie, and "Speak Your Mind" delves into that style with sheer abandon, with the great Laurel Aitken taking the mic for the festivities. The Toasters even return to their early days, revisiting "Talk Is Cheap", a track from their 1987 Skaboom! album. The group pull past and present together on their musical homage to "Chuck Berry", as Bucket lyrically traces ska's path from American R&B to the shores of Jamaica, sailing off to the UK, and washing back up on US shores with Two Tone. And the "2-Tone Army" marches on, with its "Nineties beats and Fifties roots," on this rousing affirmation of the third wave, whose irrepressible riddim would eventually metamorphose into the theme song for the Nickelodeon cartoon Kablam!, bringing everything full circle. With its phenomenal mix of styles old and new, a guest cast of legendary veterans and younger heroes - King Django, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble keyboardist Cary Brown, and Ventures guitarist Jerry McGee, Hard Band epitomizes the power and glory of the third wave, while continuing to pay tribute to all those that came before.

1 2-Tone Army Hingley 3:19
2 Talk Is Cheap Hingley 3:11
3 Friends Hingley, Toasters, Ugbomah 2:56
4 Secret Agent Man Barri, Sloan 2:40
5 Chuck Berry Hingley 2:38
6 Mouse Reiter 3:44
7 Hard Man Fe Dead Campbell 3:05
8 Don't Come Running Faulkner 3:13
9 Properly McCain, Ugbomah 2:44
10 Maxwell Smart 1:58
11 I Wasn't Going to Call You Anyway Hingley 3:01
12 Speak Your Mind Hingley, Rice 3:11
13 Skaternity McCain, Reiter 2:41
14 Dave Goes Crazy Traditional 2:07

btw - if You have any other album by this band - please - share!:)


The Best Ever Velvet Underground Album under code name Nico

Nico "Chelsea Girl" 1967

Review by Lindsay Planer
Although Chelsea Girl (1967) was the first long-player from the German-born Christa Päffgen, it was not her debut solo effort. Prior to becoming involved with the Velvet Underground and while under the direction of Andrew Loog Oldham, Nico issued an obscure 7" on the mod pop Immediate label. The song selection on that 1965 single — which featured a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "I'm Not Sayin'" and an Oldham co-composition with Jimmy Page called "Last Mile" — foreshadowed the eclectic nature of this LP. Although the dissolution between the vocalist and core instrumental quartet was not without its share of acrimony, the non-percussive contingent of the Velvet Underground is heavily featured on Chelsea Girl: along with then-unknown singer/songwriter Jackson Browne (guitar) — the vocalist's concurrent love interest — there is Lou Reed (guitar), Sterling Morrison (guitar/bass), and John Cale (piano/bass/viola), who contrast what they had been doing with the larger combo. These sides are decidedly "unplugged," providing a folky and Baroque setting for Nico's dark and brooding vocal inflections. There is an introspective foresight in Browne's "Fairest of the Seasons," "These Days," and "Somewhere There's a Feather." The minimalist string section features a quaint, yet effective arrangement giving the material a distinctly European feel. These orchestrated folk leanings are similar to the sound emanating from other burgeoning groups such as the Incredible String Band, Pentangle, and the Fairport Convention spin-off Fotheringay.The same can be said of her almost unrecognizable reworking of Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine." The noir black-widow charm ultimately saves the performance, as does Cale's remarkable classical intonations. With Reed's "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams" — a track which actually predates the Velvet Underground — there is a sense of history that Nico brings to her interpretation, as if the melody were, in fact, a traditional German folk tune. There is a palpable distinction between those lighter cuts and the menacing Velvet Underground-conceived material. At the center of the project are the extended "It Was a Pleasure Then" and the stunning semi-autobiographical Reed/Morrison title track. The juxtaposition of such honest and at times harrowing imagery to Nico's inherently bleak delivery is nothing short of an inspired artistic statement which has since long outlasted its initial socially relevant context — similar to the more modern contributions of Laurie Anderson, Ann Magnuson, and Patti Smith. An unqualified masterpiece.
1 The Fairest of the Seasons Browne, Copeland 4:09
2 These Days Browne 3:33
3 Little Sister Cale, Reed 4:26
4 Winter Song Cale, Reed 3:20
5 It Was a Pleasure Thing Cale, Nico, Reed 8:05
6 Chelsea Girls Morrison, Reed 7:25
7 I'll Keep It With Mine Dylan 3:20
8 Somewhere There's a Feather Browne 2:20
9 Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams Reed 5:09
10 Eulogy to Lenny Bruce Hardin 3:46

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Herrgottsax "Seibold Seiergesichts Suendige Saxofone" 1981

Herrgottsax "Seibold Seiergesichts Suendige Saxofone" 1981

Another one album by Budi Siebert.
I would like to thanks my friend Ron for ripping this rare vinyl album from his collection.

1 - Guten Morgen, Du Schone
2 - Adolf und Martha - Herr Gott Sax!
3 - Sabanone (Schlachtnaf du Affen)
4 - Adien. - Alles Klar
5 - Man nenuf mich Seiergosicht (auf - gemotzfe Disco-Version)
6 - Also ich weiss es nicht
7-8 - Wenn es Nacht wird in Stuttgart (werden die Gelasteige hochgeklappt);
Tanz der Gigaufen Nimm dies, Schurke!

Crowded House "Temple of Low Men" 1988

Crowded House "Temple of Low Men" 1988

Review by Chris Woodstra
Following the success of Crowded House's debut and the band's grueling promotion schedule, Neil Finn was clearly showing signs that he was no longer happy being New Zealand's zany ambassador to the U.S. While the material on Temple of Low Men demonstrates great leaps in quality over its predecessor, it is a darkly difficult album, especially for those expecting "Crowded House, Pt. 2" — in short, there are no immediately accessible singles. Instead, Finn digs into the depths of his emotional psyche with obsessive detail, crafting a set of intense, personal songs that range from the all-too-intimate look at infidelity of "Into Temptation," to the raucous exorcism of "Kill Eye." Through all of this introspective soul-searching, Finn reveals most of all his true mastery of melody.

1 I Feel Possessed Finn 3:48
2 Kill Eye Finn 3:14
3 Into Temptation Finn 4:33
4 Mansion in the Slums Finn 3:45
5 When You Come Finn 4:45
6 Never Be the Same Finn 4:28
7 Love This Life Finn 3:36
8 Sister Madly Finn 2:52
9 In the Lowlands Finn 3:57
10 Better Be Home Soon Finn 3:07

Joanna Stingray "Help Stingray' bootleg

She is the world Most Uknown Post-Punk Singer. She is from USA. Check out and You'll find nothing about her albums.Nothinmg on ebay and half too. But her discography pretty huge for unknown artist:
1987 - Rock Me, But Don't Disrupt My Mind
1988 - Walking Through Windows
1990 - Thinking Till Monday
1993 - Joanna Stingray (compilation)
1994 - For A Moment
1998 - Shades Of Yellow
On this booleg You'll find her performing songs of russian musicians as well as Beatles cover.
Thanx for original uploading goes to her russian fans at

Andy White 'Himself' Re-up

Totally Fuzzy