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John Zacherley Classical is Here:

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Is anybody Here from Victoria (Canada)?

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NOFX - 2003 - War on Errorism

2003 - War on Errorism

Review by Johnny Loftus
War on Errorism, NOFX's umpteenth collection of snide skatecore, is a half-great collection of the bratty double-time anthems dominated by Fat Mike's snotty, sarcastic vocals. But while the album bristles with broad political criticism, it also lays out rhetoric that seems to present an isolationist punk rock policy of its own. Included with War on Errorism is the trailer for Unprecedented, a documentary that traces the bizarre events of the 2000 presidential election. This is accompanied by a handwritten op-ed piece by Fat Mike, Smelly, El Hefe, and Melvin, in which the band does a little consciousness raising around the vert ramp. "The U.S. is now the butt of a worldwide joke," they write, in reference to the election hullabaloo. "All everyone keeps saying is 'get over it' or 'that was so two years ago.' Well, we're not getting over it and neither should you." Musically, NOFX fuses its political cynicism with criticism of punk rock itself, and suggests that the best thing for all the kids and the bands might be to close ranks and start their own little hardcore community. "Irrationality of Rationality" and "Franco Un-American" — two of the album's most melodic, catchy songs — are also two of War on Errorism's most biting commentaries. The first personalizes the trickle-down effect of corporate decision-making over a lockstep hardcore rhythm; the second gets all new wavy as Fat Mike reasons out his own world view, and somehow rhymes "apathy" with "Noam Chomsky." While NOFX makes its politics clear throughout the album, it also has ideas and questions about its own scene. "Separation of Church and Skate" wonders about the homogeny of punk in the 21st century, and the loss of danger in rock & roll. Later, "Mattersville" presents the blueprint for a California hardcore retirement community, a neighborhood of punks, where the cops can't come in and there's always beer and cheese. It's a fantasy, an update of Screeching Weasel's "Punkhouse." But it might also be a reaction to the heady subjects bandied about in War on Errorism's activist moments. In a subdivision surrounded by bands, punks, and skaters, no one would have to worry about bombs, evildoers, and those who put the "mock" back in "democracy" (from the seething "Re-gaining Unconsciousness"). War on Errorism is long on rhetoric, but it still fires off a few uncontrolled bursts of NOFX humor. "She's Nubs" is a crass yet sadly hilarious tribute to a handicapped fan; "Medio-core" channels the Dead Milkmen as it rips on rock & roll's ongoing regurgitation. The songs don't exactly jibe with War on Errorism's more serious sections. But if NOFX suddenly became all serious, America might really have a problem on its hands.


NOFX - 2000 - Pump Up the Valuum

2000 - Pump Up the Valuum

Review by Curtis Zimmermann
Longtime fans of independent punk giants NOFX will be happy that for Pump Up the Valuum the band changed absolutely nothing about their sound. All the songs follow the group's now standard three-chord punk style with witty songs that rip on the world around them. The most notable tracks are those that take aim at the music business. "Dinosaurs Will Die" is about the impending change in the music industry with the MP3 explosion. "Stanger Than Fishin'" (an obvious knock on former label mates Bad Religion's song "Stranger Than Fiction") goes after industry phonies. The album also contains some of the band's signature gross-out tunes "Lousie" and "My Vaginia." While not as good as Punk in Drublic or The Longest Line, it should satisfy most punk fans' cravings.
3 What's the Matter With Parents Today? Fat Mike 1:58
4 Dinosaurs Will Die Fat Mike 2:58
5 Thank God It's Monday Fat Mike 1:39
6 Clams Have Feelings Too Fat Mike 2:32
7 Louise Fat Mike 1:49
8 Stranger Than Fishin' Fat Mike 1:05
9 Pharmacist's Daughter Fat Mike 1:58
10 Bottles to the Ground Fat Mike 2:20
11 Total Bummer Fat Mike 2:13
12 My Vagina Fat Mike 2:36
13 Herojuana Fat Mike 2:46
14 Theme from a Nofx Album Fat Mike 4:16

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NOFX - 1999 - The Decline

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NOFX - 1997 - So Long & Thanks for All the Shoes

1997 - So Long & Thanks for All the Shoes

1 It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite Fat Mike 1:20
2 Kids of the K-Hole Fat Mike 2:17
3 Murder the Government Fat Mike :46
4 Monosyllabic Girl Fat Mike :54
5 180 Degrees Fat Mike 2:10
6 All His Suits Are Torn Fat Mike 2:18
7 All Outta Angst Fat Mike 1:52
8 I'm Telling Tim Fat Mike 1:17
9 Les Champs Elysées Delanoe, Peigan, Wilsh 2:02
10 Dad's Bad News Fat Mike 2:02
11 Kill Rock Stars Fat Mike 1:32
12 Eat the Meek Fat Mike 3:30
13 The Desperation's Gone Fat Mike 2:24
14 Flossing a Dead Horse Fat Mike 1:45
15 Quart in Session Fat Mike 1:38
16 Falling in Love Fat Mike 2:17


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NOFX - 1996 - Heavy Petting Zoo

1996 - Heavy Petting Zoo

1 Hobophobic [Scared of Bums] Fat Mike :49
2 Philthy Phil Philanthropist Fat Mike 3:10
3 Freedom Lika Shopping Cart Fat Mike 3:43
4 Bleeding Heart Disease Fat Mike 3:36
5 Hot Dog in a Hallway Fat Mike 2:51
6 Release the Hostages Fat Mike 2:29
7 Liza Fat Mike 2:55
8 What's the Matter With Kids Today? Fat Mike 1:13
9 Love Story Fat Mike 2:37
10 The Black and White Fat Mike 3:36
11 Whatever Didi Wants Fat Mike 3:02
12 August 8th Fat Mike 1:35
13 Drop the World Fat Mike 3:22


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NOFX - 1995 - I Heard They Suck Live

1995 - I Heard They Suck Live

1 Linoleum Fat Mike 1:46
2 You're Bleeding Fat Mike 2:15
3 Moron Brothers Burkett 2:36
4 Punk Guy 3:09
5 Bob Fat Mike 1:09
6 Life O'Riley 2:36
7 You Drink, You Drive, You Spill 2:39
8 Nothing But a Nightmare (Sorta) 3:31
9 East Bay 1:06
10 Soul Doubt Fat Mike 1:53
11 Kill All the White Man Fat Mike, Hefe 3:00
12 Beer Bong 3:42
13 Six Pack Girls 2:16
14 Together on the Sand Lynn 1:12
15 Nowhere Fat Mike 1:07
16 The Brews ?1:37
17 Buggley Eyes Fat Mike 2:41
18 1:31
19 :53


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Looking for 10,000 Maniacs with Michael Penn MTV Unplugged

May be You have it?
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Natalie Merchant, lyricist/singer of the acclaimed New York folk-rock band 10,000 Maniacs, performs "What's The Matter Here?" and "Dustbowl." Solo artist Michael Penn performs "No Myth" and the upbeat "Brave New World" off his new release March. Merchant and Penn join together for a rendition of "City Of Angels," from the Maniacs' 1987 platinum release In My Tribe.Recorded 12/13/89 at National Video Center - NYCSet

01. What's the Matter Here? [Maniacs]
02. Dust Bowl [Merchant/Gustafson/Buck]
03. No Myth [Michael Penn]
04. Brave New World [Michael Penn]
05. Gun Shy [Maniacs]
06. City of Angels [Maniacs/Shear/choir]


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NOFX - 1994 - Punk in Drublic

1 Linoleum Fat Mike 2:10
2 Leave It Alone Melvin 2:04
3 Dig Fat Mike 2:16
4 The Cause Fat Mike 1:37
5 Don't Call Me White ? 2:33
6 My Heart Is Yearning ? 2:23
7 Perfect Government Curry 2:06
8 The Brews ? 2:40
9 The Quass ? 1:18
10 Dying Degree ? 1:50
11 Fleas Fat Mike 1:48
12 Lori Meyers ? 2:21
13 Jeff Wears Birkenstocks? ? 1:26
14 Punk Guy (Cause He Does Punk Things) ? 1:08
15 Happy Guy Fat Mike 1:58
16 Reeko ? 3:05
17 Scavenger Type ? 7:12

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
With their 1994 album Punk in Drublic, NOFX truly hit their stride. The quartet didn't change their approach at all — at their core, they remain a heavy, speed-addled, hook-conscious post-hardcore punk group — but their songwriting has improved, as has their attack. Prior to this record, they merely showed promise, but with Punk in Drublic they fulfilled their potential.


Friday, October 05, 2007

NOFX - 1992 - The Longest Line (EP)

1 The Death of John Smith Fat Mike, Hefe 3:51
2 The Longest Line Fat Mike 2:04
3 Stranded Fat Mike 2:08
4 Remnants Fat Mike 2:59
5 Kill All the White Man Fat Mike, Hefe 2:48

Review by Mike DaRonco
It's easy to see why a million suburban punk bands out there are heavily influenced by NOFX. The music is incredibly tight, the humor is off the wall, and they have no intentions in hiding the fact that they don't take a thing seriously. But the punch line is that they all make a living off this band, so go figure. Released between Ribbed and White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean, The Longest Line documents two firsts for NOFX: not only does it feature the debut of guitarist El Hefe, but it's also the first release on their Fat Wreck Chords label. As for the music, it's as tight and fast as ever with lots of added harmonies — most notably on "Stranded" — and a sarcastic sense of humor, most of which can be found on the ska parody "Kill All the White Man."


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NOFX - 1992 - White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean

1 Soul Doubt Fat Mike 2:46
2 Stickin in My Eye Fat Mike 2:24
3 Bob Fat Mike 2:02
4 You're Bleeding Fat Mike 2:12
5 Straight Edge MacKaye, Minor Threat 2:11
6 Liza and Louise Fat Mike 2:22
7 The Bag Fat Mike 2:46
8 Please Play This Song on the Radio Fat Mike 2:16
9 Warm Fat Mike 3:30
10 I Wanna Be Your Baby Fat Mike 2:56
11 Johnny Appleseed Fat Mike 2:37
12 She's Gone Fat Mike 2:56
13 Buggley Eyes Fat Mike 1:21
Review by Jason Ankeny
The title of NOFX's White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean is a pretty fair indicator of what's going on in the grooves — specifically, tongue-in-cheek, politically incorrect forays into America's pancultural society. A SoCal punk band that recalls both the eclecticism and attitude of Camper Van Beethoven, NOFX rips through much more than standard-issue thrash; they transform Minor Threat's "Straight Edge" into a blues song with fake B.B. King vocals, go ska for the wry character study "Bob," and examine lesbian lifestyles with surprising maturity on "Liza and Louise." Not quite so understanding is "Johnny Appleseed," which pokes fun at the very concept of cultural diversity and is sung in a Hispanic accent by guitarist El Hefe.


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NOFX - 1992 - Maximum Rock'n'Roll

1 Live Your Life 2:20
2 My Friends 2:17
3 Six Pack Girls 0:35
4 Bang Gang 1:30
5 Hit It Hold It Back 1:53
6 Id 1:14
7 Cops and Donuts 2:00
8 Iron Man Black Sabbath 2:08
9 Shitting Bricks 4:43
10 Mom's Rules 1:55
11 On My Mind 1:15
12 White Bread 1:33
13 Lager in the Dark 1:47
14 Too Mixed Up 0:34
15 Drain Bramaged 2:26
16 Bob Turkee 0:40
17 No Problems 2:08
18 Memories 1:12
19 Beast Within 0:54
20 Instrumental 0:55
21 Ant Attack 2:35
22 Ant Attack 0:45

Reviewby Andy Hinds
NOFX's lo-fi debut is routine, mid-'80s SoCal punk in the vein of the Descendants and other bratty, mile-a-minute punk bands; while most of the sonic characteristics that later defined the group's sound (including Bad Religion-influenced vocal harmonies) are missing, Maximum RocknRoll proves that NOFX's goofball humor was in effect from day one (see "Six Pack Girls," "Cops and Donuts," and "Shitting Bricks"). Perhaps best of all is the band's cover of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man." The liner notes include a June 1991 MaximumRocknRoll interview with Fat Mike, in which he gives props to bands like Snuff and Green Day. Amusing and historically interesting, but only for serious fans.


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NOFX - 1991 - Liberal Animation

Totally Fuzzy