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F.S.K. meets Antony ''Shake'' Shakir "First Take Then Shake" CD

F.S.K. meets Antony ''Shake'' Shakir "First Take Then Shake" CD
Release: March 2004

„First Take Then Shake" is the 11th studio album of F.S.K. In the more than 20 years of their existence F.S.K. (still Thomas Meinecke, Michaela Melian, Justin Hoffmann, Wilfried Petzi and Carl Oesterhelt) have travelled an uncompared musical journey from new wave to country and since their 1996 disko B 12'' "4 Instrumentals" (db61) and the two albums "Tel Aviv" (1998) and "X" (2000) on Sub Up Records deeper and deeper into band-oriented electronic music and its repetitive sound-structures between post-rock and post-electronica.
F.S.K. were the most invited non-english band to attend Peel-sessions and are one of the few german bands besides Can who were granted an entry in a book called the „Unknown Legends of Rock'N'Roll".
In February 2003 they went to Uphon Studio/Weilheim with engineer Mario Thaler (The Notwist, Tied + Tickled Trio) for the fourth time and recorded their new album with one half of the tracks being instrumentals and the other half (again) songs with lyrics. The roughmixes of these songs were sent to the Detroit-based afro-american techno/house legend Anthony "Shake" Shakir. F.S.K goes afro-germanic. In september Shakir flew to Munich with his sampler and one more week was spend together with the band in Weilheim producing "First Take Then Shake". A band Photograph was shot in front of the legendary BMW building: motor cities united. The first praise of this unusual cooperation already appeared in the most important german music magazines months before the album's release.
"First Take Then Shake" is the first full length album of F.S.K. on disko B
The artwork for the design of the album was realized by the german artist Olaf Nicolai. The portraits that were used for the cover are part of the series "The Blondes" (2003/2004).

1. Swing To Bop
2. Ballroom
3. Kinski Jones
4. Salt Peanuts
5. In Loving Memory
6. Incident With The Dogs
7. Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
8. Black Music
9. The Blues And The Abstract Truth
10. Tiger Rag
11. Tiger Rag Remixed

MP3 192 kbps
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Still missing following albums by F.S.K. - if You have them- please - upload (192 kbps MP3 at rapidshare will be great!):
Continetal Breakfast LP (1987) Ediesta Records

Richmond, 1991


Blogger herr Ärmel said...

Hi humppazoids, thanks a lot for this fine FSK record. btw, the American Sector EP could you find on the cd release from 'Original Gasman Band', Mr. Happy posted this one in his blog.
all the best
herr Ärmel

3:24 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Thank U very much for information herr Ärmel!

5:32 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

btw - could You tell me, please - is it right tracks listing for American Sector EP, 1987:
1. (I Wish I Could) Sprechen Sie Deutsch
2. Lotse An Bord
3. Salt Lake City
4. (I've Got To Get Over) The Wall

American Sector, 1987
(I Wish I Could) Sprechen Sie Deutsch
Lotse An Bord
Salt Lake City
(I've Got To Get Over) The Wall

12:47 PM  
Blogger herr Ärmel said...

yes, this is the right tracklisting for the American Sector EP.

3:20 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Thank You very much!

10:41 AM  
Blogger licensingdepartment said...

hello, it is great that you are F.S.K. fans, we are too! we are the label and it would just be nice if you could think of legally downloading their albums at Itunes etc. At the moment 5 albums are available there (and on other platforms). we will put the whole catalogue up soon.
as you can imagine it is hard for us to keep releasing this kind of music if people just share it.
please take it off this site.

1:08 AM  

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