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Grateful Dead Downhill from Here Alpine Valley Live July 17 & 19, 1989

Rare LaserDisc Analogue Tracks 24 bit/192 kHz Mastering with no noise reduction, equalization, normalization - the straight signal for the straight people!:) by

Grateful Dead Downhill from Here Alpine Valley Live July 17 & 19, 1989

Grateful Dead Are:
* Jerry Garcia – guitar
* Mickey Hart – drums, percussion
* Bill Kreutzmann – drums, percussion
* Phil Lesh – bass
* Brent Mydland – keyboards
* Bob Weir – guitar

[edit] Production
* Len Dell'Amico - director
* John Cutler and Phil Lesh - producers, mixers
* Candace Brightman - lighting director
* Dan Healy – concert sound
* Bob Bralove – sound designer and programmer
* Allen Newman – line producer
* Bill Weber – video post editing
* Jeffrey Norman – audio post editing
* Terry Donahue – technical director
* Billy Steinberg – senior video

1 Let the Good Times Roll [AKA Good Times] Cooke 5:03
2 Feel Like a Stranger Barlow, Weir 6:55
3 Built to Last Garcia, Hunter 5:33
4 Me & My Uncle Phillips 3:31
5 Cumberland Blues Garcia, Hunter, Lesh 5:36
6 It's All Over Now Womack, Womack 8:17
7 West L.A. Fadeaway Garcia, Hunter 8:14
8 Desolation Row Dylan 11:59
9 Deal Garcia, Hunter 9:53
10 China Cat Sunflower Garcia, Hunter 6:39
11 I Know You Rider Traditional 5:35
12 Playing in the Band Hart, Hunter, Weir 8:37
13 Uncle John's Band Garcia, Hunter 8:40
14 Standing on the Moon Garcia, Hunter 9:11
15 Drums Hart, Kreutzmann 8:47
16 Space Garcia, Weir, Lesh, Mydland 4:26
17 The Wheel Garcia, Hunter, Kreutzmann 4:34
18 Gimme Some Lovin' Davis, Winwood, Winwood 4:31
19 Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad Traditional 6:12
20 Not Fade Away Holly, Petty 9:38
21 We Bid You Goodnight Traditional 4:48
22 Johnny B. Goode Berry 4:23

Total playing time: 2 hours 31 minutes 03.30 seconds
Codec/bitrate/discretisation frequency: MP3 CBR 320 kBpS 48000 Hz

Review by Lindsay Planer
This title includes a composite of two performances -- July 17 and 19, 1989, at the Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, WI -- and is available on both the VHS and DVD home video formats. The somewhat cryptic title is a geographical reference to the distinct incline in the general admission [read: festival seating] section of the venue. The summer of 1989 saw the Grateful Dead commencing one of the final epic zeniths in terms of consistently brilliant performances. They were able to ride this wave through the summer of 1990 -- which was sadly capped by the untimely passing of Brent Mydland (keyboards). This era was equally notable for the incorporation of concurrently new material from their soon-to-be-released 21st and final studio effort, Built to Last. Included here are both the title track as well as "Standing on the Moon" -- two of the better Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter compositions from the album. A majority of the video is taken from the show on the 17th, with the exception of the last three tracks during the "first set": "West L.A. Fadeaway," "Desolation Row," and one of the undisputed highlights of the entire 1989 summer tour, "Deal," featuring a blistering guitar solo from Garcia. Other not-to-be-missed performances include a majority of the second set -- which begins with a uniformly inspiring "China Cat Sunflower"/"I Know You Rider" pairing. The DVD contains two unique interactive features: a Grateful Dead trivia game as well as a "lyrics option" which is accessible through the subtitles menu of the playback unit.

P.S. Вот таким перлом хотел сопроводить этот РИП ранее: "РИП посвящается герле Е.К., которая не влюбилась в 120 кило одухотворенного райского наслаждения, полномочно представленного в моем гиберборейском теле (даже Дж.Гарсия никогда не приходил к такой совершенной форме, а уж приходов-то у него - сами знаете!), а глупо вкохалась в тщедушного верхнеголландского нацукробуржуя К.С., который тупо использует свое разваливающееся дачно-садовое хозяйство не для взращивания психоделической (или какой-либо иной достойной) культуры, а для сексплуатации малолетних трип-хиппушек.
Герла Е.К.! Ты - дура!
нацукробуржуй К.С.! No Future for U!
Хиппи! Слушайте Rancid - добрее будете!"

Всех люблю, но каждого – по-своему!

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