Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alfred Schnittke Symphony no. 5 / Concerto Grosso no. 4 (1988)
CD London 430 698-2

In four movements:
1. Allegro - 5 min.
2. Allegretto - 9 min.
3. Lento (attacca). Allegro - 17 min.
4. Lento - 9 min.

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra,
Riccardo Chailly (cond)
Soloists are Jan Spronk (oboe)
Jaap van Zweden (violin)
Jan Piet Knijff (harpsichord)
Robert Waterman (violin)
Gerrit Jan Leuverink (viola)
Saskia Boon (cello)
Ruud van den Brink (piano)

Thanks goes to
  • Art Rock
  • who friendly uploaded it from personal collection.

    MP3 192 kbps


    Blogger Mr. Happy said...

    Hi humppazoid,

    just for your information: On my requests I've got the following 5 FSK albums which you can find now @ my blog:

    Ca C'est le Blues
    FSK goes Underground
    Sound of Music
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    So we have a lot less to look for... If you are still interesting get it @

    10:23 PM  
    Blogger humppazoid said...

    Thank You very much for info! I'll upload 'FSK meets Antony Shake Shakir' this week.

    11:21 PM  
    Blogger Martin said...

    Could you re-upload this Schnittke symphony...many thanks and greetings from Malta...martin

    12:41 PM  
    Blogger humppazoid said...

    ok, Martin! Please - remind me via e-mail

    6:26 AM  

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