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Budi Siebert ''Hmm...'' (1983) (Vinyl Rip)

Budi Siebert ''Hmm...'' (1983)

Although Budi had been on the scene for more than twenty years, it was only in 1983 when he was working with Andreas Vollenweider that a large audience became aware of him. He recorded two albums with Andreas and played more than two hundred concerts with the Vollenweider-Band. Before that he had been working with various jazz-rock outfits and produced several german bands, noteably BAP, who have since become one of Germany’s biggest rock-acts.
After his studies of saxophone, flute and composition at the Stuttgart Academy of Music in the seventies, Budi developed a strong interest in the cultures and music of the third world, and learned to play many strange and exotic instruments.
Budi’s irrepressable and unpredictable style, and the sophisticated and richly textured musical contours represent his respect and deep appreciation for life and nature.
Produced by Budi Siebert and Johannes Wohlleben

Budi Siebert: Saxophones, Marimba, Percussion, Keyboards, Steeldrums, Chinese Flute, Clarinet, Bamboo Flute, Melodica, Traverse Flute, Bass Flute, electric Guitar, Darbuka
Martin Kolbe: Bass, Guitar, Percussion
Jo Koinzer: Percussion
Ralf Illenberger: Guitar, Lyra
Thomas Rabenschlag: Grand Piano, Harmonium
Wolf Stryi: Bass- and Contrabass Clarinet
Johannes Wohlleben: Oral Percussion
Wolfgang Lauer: acoustic Bass
Bernd Konrad: Clarinet
Friedemann: Guitar
The children of Etzelstrasse Kinderladen, Stuttgart, Germany: Choir

1 Hmm... Tanz der Korperlinge
2 He Janusch (Du Stinkbeutel)
3 Pienes Tanz
4 Wenn erst die grauen Panther tanzen
5 Schmerz lass nach
6 Was ist die Zeit
7 Lied uber eine Liebe
8 Noch leben die Walder
9 Alles im Fluss

Composed by:
Budi Siebert (2, 4, 5, 7, 8)
Budi Siebert, R. Illenberger, M. Kolbe and T. Rabenschlag (9)
Budi Siebert, Ralf Illenberger and Martin Kolbe (1)
Budi Siebert, Thomas Rabenschlag and Jo Koinzer (6)
Budi Siebert, T. Rabenschlag, Wolfgang Lauer and Jo Koinzer (3)

Mp3 192kbps 48kHz
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  • Budi Siebert 'Hmm...' 1983

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    i see that you have a .ru email address, so you may already know of this forum. hopefully you can read cyrillic, as that would help.

    Schnittke's Film Works:

    Schnittke - Peer Gynt -

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    (many of the symphonies are different versions than those posted by you)

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    I hope you have not given up on this blog... you posted a lot of music that others don't.

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    Thanks a lot for the pw. Unfortunatley I don´t have any other Budi works for share. But maybe I can post an album by "Poesie & Musik" in the next week - with Rene Bardet and Andreas Vollenweider and others.

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    Blogger Zero G Sound said...

    Hi humazoid,
    René Bardet´s Poesie & Musik - "Vielleicht weil ich ein Wilder bin..." with Büdi Siebert is no posted at


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    this zipped file has password .

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