Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When I was 13 y.o. & f.t.i.l. "This & That" was my secrect Hymn

Michael Penn "March" 1989

Review by Mark Morgenstein
Michael Penn's debut album, March, released in late 1989, served notice there was another talented Penn brother, in addition to actors Sean and Chris. The album kicks off with one of the top singles of the winter of 1989-1990, "No Myth," and proceeds through an engrossing myriad of folk-tinged ballads and up-tempo rockers. Despite several literary allusions and the ponderous title and lyrics of "Cupid's Got a Brand New Gun," on the whole, Penn doesn't take himself too seriously. "Brave New World" is an absurd Dylan-esque hodgepodge of rhyme, and "Big House" is devoted to the childhood prank of ringing doorbells, then running. The coda is "Evenfall," maybe the best '60s "frat rock" song since the '60s, with a horn section that makes you want to dance until the campus police close down the party.

1 No Myth Penn 4:10
2 Half Harvest Penn 4:05
3 This & That Penn 3:31
4 Brave New World Penn 4:32
5 Innocent One Penn 3:16
6 Disney's a Snow Cone/Bedlam Boys Penn, Warren 5:11
7 Invisible Penn 3:45
8 Cupid's Got A Brand New Gun Penn 3:27
9 Big House Penn 2:56
10 Battle Room Penn 3:37
11 Evenfall Penn 3:54


Blogger jay strange said...
and heres a bit of penn soundboard magic

4:47 PM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Thank You Jay!
btw - may be You have video from Michael Penn MTV Unplugged? If I remember it well - Michael was firsty ever musician on Unplugged.

2:46 AM  

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