Monday, January 22, 2007

F.S.K. X (2002)

F.S.K. X (2002)

Summer, 2000: Recording of F.S.K.'s 10th studio album „X" at Weilheim's U-Phon studios, nine abstract instrumentals with backing vocals put to hard disk in three days, mixed in another four days, produced by the band, recorded by Mario Thaler. Released in November, 2000 on Sub-Up Records as CD and on Vinyl, to be followed immediately by a rave review in De:Bug Magazine, Berlin. A new, again much younger audience ( crossing over from electronic music ) appears at F.S.K.'s European live shows. Political benefit concert Rage Against Abschiebung in October, in Munich ( together with Mouse on Mars ). At the same time Chicago's The Catamount Company ( which started their catalogue with the legendary band Souled American ) releases F.S.K. CD „International" in the USA. Chicks On Speed's version of „Euro Trash Girl" on their album „Will Save Us All" ( Chicks On Speed Records ). Hamburg band Die Braut haut ins Auge cover of „When It Rains In Texas ( It Snows On The Rhine )" on their live album „+ 1 auf der Gästeliste". Fink ( also from Hamburg ) cover F.S.K.'s „Unter dem Rhein" on their EP „Er sieht sie an" ( L'age d'or).
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Blogger herr Ärmel said...

hello humppa,
thanks for the info about the posting from this wonderful record, for your ping I give a little pong - I posted another F.S.K. release (from their bavarian-country phase) in the dorfdisco,
tout ziens

1:09 PM  
Blogger Ego Kornus said...

Hola humpazoid, i just upload you the Sonny Sharrock.
Here you can get it!
Have fun!!

8:02 PM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Thank You very much Ego Kornus !

1:33 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Thank You very much herr Ärmel!

1:34 AM  
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