Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year: 1996
Genre: Crossover Jazz
Codec: MP3 320kBpS 44.1kHz

Review by Ken Dryden

This 1996 Scottish release predates the CD Celebrating Grappelli (released under Stephane Grappelli's name shortly after his death on Dec. 1, 1997 but with Taylor, in fact, as the leader) by over a year, yet it overlaps considerably with that album. Several tracks that were dropped to make room for additional material with Grappelli are found on this disc: the easygoing ballad "Going Home Again," the Gypsy-flavored "Monti," and an additional vocal by Claire Martin on the well-crafted "Hi Lily, Hi Lo," a piece rarely heard in a jazz setting. Years Apart should be acquired instead of Celebrating Grappelli because most fans will already have the Grappelli-Taylor duets heard on the latter album, which were repeated from their earlier Linn CD, Reunion.

Selected Tracks:
01. Sweet Sue Just You [4:18]
02. Going Home Again [4:10]
03. Undecided [3:29]
04. Musette for a Magpie [4:18]
05. I can't give you anything but Love [4:54]
06. Czardas [2:45]
07. Hi lily, hi lo [4:33]
08. Dinah [4:37]
09. Years Apart [4:23]
10. The Gypsy [3:23]
11. Chicago [4:37]
12. Manoir de mes reves [4:06]

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