Saturday, April 14, 2007

Brenda Kahn 'Outside the Beauty Salon'

Brenda Kahn 'Outside the Beauty Salon'
Release Date Mar 18, 1997
Label Shanachie

Review by Brian Flota
Following up the emotional Destination Anywhere would be tough for any artist. On Outside the Beauty Salon, Kahn seems drained of energy. Her vocal delivery is unusually unenthusiastic. Strong songs like "Matador" and "Alice" don't have the urgency of her previous work. The album is boosted by a rock n' country sound that is a nice change of pace for Kahn, and the guitar work of Tim Duvalier is excellent (especially on "Heather").

I would like to thanks
for sharing this album with us :) Thank You very much, dear Ashley! We still missing other albums by Brenda Kahn - so, please - share if You have them

1 Matador Kahn
2 Smoking in the Jane Room Kahn
3 Heather Kahn
4 Wedding Ring Kahn
5 Door Locks Kahn
6 Alice Kahn
7 I Believe in You (Song for Thomas) Kahn
8 Lincoln Hotel Kahn
9 Guillotine Kahn
10 Hey Romeo Kahn
11 The Bridge Kahn
12 She Wore Red Kahn
13 Destination: Anywhere Kahn

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