Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jane Duboc «Paraiso»

Jane Duboc «Paraiso»
Jul 1993

1 Paraiso (Duboc, Mulligan) 5:33
2 No Rio (In Rio) (Duboc, Mulligan) 4:07
3 Sob a Estrela 5:38
4 O Bom Alvinho (Duboc, Mulligan) 5:03
5 Willow Tree (Duboc, Mulligan) 8:21
6 Bordado (Duboc, Mulligan) 6:11
7 Tarde en Itapoan 5:03
8 Amor en Paz 5:54
9 Wave Jobim 4:27
10 Tema Pra Jobim (Theme for Jobim) 4:29
11 North Atlantic Run (Mulligan) 4:36

It's Gerry Mulligan's one of latest records. Master of cool jazz doing it with beautiful voice of braziliana Jane Duboc.

MP3 192 kbps
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Blogger Art Rock said...

This will be fun to listen to in the weekend. I only know her as the brilliant lead singer of Brazilian prog rock band Bacamarte in one of the lost gems of prog: Depois do fim.

12:45 PM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

I have 11 of her albums and this one is the only which might be called serious music. Most of her albums from 80ies nothing more but cheap brazilian pop - good enough for soap operas, but not to listening. I would like to listen her with Bacamarte - because pretty sure she singing better in surrounding of good musicians:) May I ask You to upload some of her prog rock albums? In exchange I can upload some JD soap pop:)

1:41 PM  

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