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Guy Marchand «Nostalgitan»

Guy Marchand «Nostalgitan»
November 15, 1998

1. Ragazza
2. Les Yeux Noirs
3. Ci Git Le Gitan
4. I've Got You Under My Skin
5. Marre Marlowe
6. Besame Mucho
7. Django
8. Maria
9. Nostalgie
10. Naranjo En Flor
11. Allo Oui C'est Toi
12. Bolero

G.Marchand - vocal
Ch.Escoude - guitar
J.P.Charlap - Guitar
M.Azzola - accordion
F.Niculescu - violin
J.P.Viret - double bass

I'm fan of Christian Escoude's guitar art for last 16 years. Each of his solo albums bring something new and unexpected in harmony and composition - can You imagine range of guitar music from traditional (much Django-like) style up to progressive jazz rock - and anyway keeping something special, something like magical french flowering. His latest works with other artist showing strong backround from his gypsy roots and it's perfectly shown on this CD. CD was released under name «Guy Marchand», but for sure it should be under name «Christian Escoude» or «Christian Escoude and Guy Marchand». Guy Marchand is an actor and composer ( His voice have pure essence of an actor charisma - much like Sinatra, but unlike Sintara, Guy doesn't sounds helpless with foreign tongues - performance on English and Spanish here sounds very natural.Christian and Guy - these 2 guys indeed cool - with no fear they're put in this collection their own songs. Only 1 of song from this album not good enough (from my own subjective point of view, of course) - it's Django which shows some terrible pathetic - but it might be an actors mistake or it's just me - who simply unable to get right mood:)If You have some nostalgia in Your soul and Bryan Ferry's «As Time Goes By» is a permanent visitor in Your player, this one will be good friend for a long, long time...
I would like to thanks Rickford Nivens and Bruno Grandjean who helped me to get this amazing CD.
MP3 192 kbps
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