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PUNKLES - 2006 - The Punkles For Sale!

ザ・パンクルズ PUNKLESパンクルズ・フォー・セール!The Punkles For Sale!
2006年4月26日発売  TECI-24364  ¥2,520(定価)

The Punkles' Biography:
Originally intended as kind of joke back in 1997 the Punkles evolved into one of the world's best known Beatles tri­bute-acts of our times (a least in Europe and Japan). Their selftitled debut from 1998 on Wolverine Records sold much better than expected and the band esthablished itself as a very entertaining live act in Europe with their first tours. Highlight of this early state of their carreer were a couple of shows in Liverpool, the home of The Beatles, where they played two raving shows at the legendary Cavern Club. After a lot more touring around Europe, the band went back to the studio in 2001, recording their second Album Punk! which was released on Bitzcore Records 2002. Completly unexpected this album hit the Japanese import charts. The same year their debut album was re-released on Bitzcore entitled Beat The Punkles! featuring bonus tracks and their famous Drive My Car-Video which got massive screenplay on MTV-Japan. Later that year Dee Dee Harrison was replaced by outstanding guitar player Captain O1 Harrison. In 2003 The Punkles released a Nippon best-of compilation The Punkles 1998-2003 (also known as The Red Album) on Imperial Records in Japan that went top-so in the Japanese charts. Also in 2003 a third album Pistol was released in Japan and hit the charts too. By the same time another best-of album turned out to be very successful in France. In 2004 Pistol was issued in Europe and the band went on touring (until today The Punkles played about 100 shows in Europe promoting this album!). During the Pistol-tour Captain O1 Harrison left the band and Rat Harrison took his place - with him they recorded a fourth album The Punkles For Sale! in summer 2005. This new album is to be released in spring 2006 and further tours are in planning currently...
Product Facts:
The Punkles For Sale! is the 4th complete studio album recorded by the Fast Four. After performing about 100 live shows to promote the previous album Pistol the band went back to the legendary Ultraschall Studios in Hamburg-St.Pauli again, to record another 19 Beatles songs in their very unique style mixture of Beat & Punk. These recordings feature new guitar player Rat Harrison who joined the group during that tour replacing Captain O1 Harrison. The new album shows The Punkles at the peak of their carreer in terms of craftsmanship and musicality. Beside a couple of classical hits from the later period of The Beatles' catalogue, like Let It Be and Come Together, The Punkles For Sale! features their very own punk interpretation of The Beatles' final masterpiece: The comple­te Abbey Road Medley!
I will be hard for the band to top this record with another one - but: they don't worry about that. If you'd told them back in 1997 that they'd be going to record four full albums and become one of the world's most popular bands pay­ing homage to the Fab Four, you would have been called nuts!

1 Back In The USSR
2 Come Together
3 Here Comes The Sun
4 I Wanna Be Your Man
5 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
6 Hold Me Tight
7 Glass Onion
8 One After 909
9 Octopus Garden
10 Ob La Di Ob La Da
11 Let It Be
12 You Never Give Me Your Money
13 Sun King
14 Mean Mr Mustard
15 Polythene Pam
16 She Came In Thru The Bathroom Window
17 Golden Slumbers
18 Carry That Weight
19 The End
The Punkles/ The Punkles - CD (Ger 1998)
The Punkles/ Drive My Car 7" - Vinyl (Ger 2001)
The Punkles/ Beat The Punkles! - CD and LP (Ger 2002)
The Punkles/ Punk! - CD, LP and t-shirt (Ger 2002)
The Punkles/ 1998-2003 - CD (Japan 2003)
The Punkles/ Pistol - CD (Japan 2003)
The Punkles/ The Punkles - CD (France 2003)
The Punkles/ Pistol - CD (Ger 2004)
The Punkles/ Punk! - CD (Russia 2005)
The Punkles/ The Punkles For Sale! (2006)



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