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Wolfgang Niedecken & Bryan Ferry Tributes to Bob Dylan - Must Have!

Wolfgang Niedecken - 1994 - Leopardefell 1

Wolfgang Niedecken - 1994 - Leopardefell 2

1 Unfassbar Vill RäÄN (A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall)
2 Fröher Oder SpäÄDer (Sooner Or Later)
3 Ich Will Dich (I Want You)
4 Vill Passiert Sickher (My Back Pages)
5 Dä Joker Danz (Jokerman)
6 Wo Bess Du Hück Naach, Marie? (Absolutely Sweet Marie)
7 Sibbe Daach (Seven Days)
8 Leopardefellhoot (Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat)
9 Nürburgring (Highway 61)
10 Jeder's Manchmol Einsam (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
11 Sara (Sara)
12 Quinn Dä Eskimo (Quinn The Eskimo)
13 Dat Benn Ich Nit (It Ain't Me, Babe)
14 Nix Andres Em Kopp (License To Kill)
15 Als Ob Se'n Frau Wöhr (Just Like A Woman)
16 Meisterstöck (When I Paint My Masterpiece)
17 Drei Engel (Three Angels)

Bryan Ferry – 2007 - Dylanesque

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
The greatest — indeed, only — irony of Bryan Ferry's 2007 album-long tribute to the Bard is that Dylanesque never sounds "Dylanesque." There are no solo acoustic guitars, no swirling organs, no thin wild mercury music, nothing that suggests any of the sounds typically associated with Bob Dylan. No, Dylanesque sounds Ferry-esque: careful, precise, elegant, so casually sophisticated it sometimes borders on the drowsy. There are no new wrinkles, then, apart from a small but crucial one — unlike his other records, this was recorded quickly, over the course of a week with his touring band in tow. This does give Dylanesque a comparatively loose, off-the-cuff feel, which is a bit of a welcome relief after several decades of cautious, deliberate conceptual albums, and gives the album its understated charm. Since Ferry never radically reinvents the songs — apart from the sleek, sly propulsion of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" and a spare, haunting piano-and-strings version of "Positively Fourth Street" — this is an album where all the pleasures lay in the subtleties, whether it's how Ferry phrases his delivery, how his road band feels supple yet muscular, how Eno electronically enhances a few tracks or how Robin Trower tears into "All Along the Watchtower." These are the details to savor upon repeated listens, but upon that first spin it's immediately apparent that the Ferry who made Dylanesque is an assured, relaxed vocalist who isn't sweating the specifics, he's simply singing songs with a band that offers sympathetic support. They may not push him, the way that Roxy did in its prime, nor does this have the meticulous ambition of his original work, but again, that's the charm of this album: Ferry has never felt quite so comfortable as he does here, and if that may not be exactly what all listeners are looking for when they listen to his work, this is the quality that will make Dylanesque a small understated gem for certain segments of his die-hard fans.

1 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Dylan 3:50
2 Simple Twist of Fate Dylan 5:18
3 Make You Feel My Love Dylan 3:22
4 The Times They Are A-Changin' Dylan 3:40
5 All I Really Wanna Do Dylan 2:29
6 Knockin' on Heaven's Door Dylan 6:14
7 Positively 4th Street Dylan 3:45
8 If Not for You Dylan 2:40
9 Baby Let Me Follow You Down Traditional 2:13
10 Gates of Eden Dylan 5:12
11 All Along the Watchtower Dylan 3:46

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Blogger Down In The Valley said...

WOW! both of these artists so I can't wait to hear how this sounds...
Thank you very much


4:32 PM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Wolfgang make a real rock from these songs, while Bryan (as always) - pop-art. I like them both too :)

9:07 PM  
Blogger nakemiin2003 said...

Many thanks for Wolggang N's Dylan versions. Had long wished to hear these. Very much appreciated!!!

12:49 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Hello nakemiin2003!
Glad that You like it - I like it very much too:) Probably You'll be glad to find more Wolfgang's albums here

2:08 AM  
Blogger nakemiin2003 said...

Thank you again, humppazoid. Didn’t – still don’t, really – know anything about Niedecken other than he made an album of Dylan covers. It’s one of the best "one artist full album" sets of Dylan songs, not least because of the guitar-heavy sound you mentioned (btw, many thanks for the guitar-heavy Ventures posts:)). Will certainly check out the other WD titles – sadly, my German doesn’t allow me to understand much of the lyrics…

12:13 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Hi nakemiin2003! I'm able to understand just few words on German too, but it doesn't spoil the listening pleasure:) I wonder if any Bob Dylan covers with translations were made by suomi and japanese artists? Just check out how cool sounds their tongue:
japan 1
japan 2
finland 1
finland 2

4:14 AM  
Blogger nakemiin2003 said...

Hello humppazoid, There must be Japanese versions of Dylan material, but the only one I can find is ”My Back Pages” by the Magokoro Brothers on the ”Masked & Anonymous” soundtrack. For a list of 30+ tracks of Dylan in Finnish, see, type “Dylan Bob” in the “Säveltäjä” space and click “Hae”. The only version to gain a wider international audience would probably be “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by the Leningrad Cowboys.:)

1:36 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Terre, nakemiin2003!
Thank You very much for info! I have Leningrad Cowboys in my blog, but they're sung on english! May be You have some Dylan's covers on suomi?

9:07 AM  
Blogger nakemiin2003 said...

Hi humppazoid, Sadly, I’ve only got a couple of the Finnish versions, and our copyright laws make it quite risky to do any uploads. (Or I'm a coward.) Still, I hope these will do in the “Dylan in Strange Languages” stakes for now. To begin with, Polish, Martyna Jakubowicz – Tylko Dylan (2005) - and Catalan,
Gerard Quintana & Jordi Batista - Els miralls de Dylan (1999) (1999). (This is quite nice, actually.)

5:31 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

Many thanks to humppazoid and nakemiin2003 for these Dylan tributes. I look forward to some great listening. Any chance that Martyna Jakubowicz's "Tylko Dylan" (2005)can be re-uploaded? That link has expired.

3:57 PM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

Hi Ron! I was unable to download Tylko Dylan too... Unfortunally You and nakemiin2003 have locked blogs - so I'm unable to communicate with You

12:46 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

Sorry about the blog access(or lack thereof), humppazoid. I just haven't had time to figure out what to enable, etc. Regarding "Tylko Dylan," I've tried a number of variations of the link without success. Let's hope nakemiin2003 returns and clears up the mystery.

8:06 PM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

hi ron,
you should try to open your blog from here:
probably lots of dylans tributes can be found by any search engine. If I'll find some free time for it - I'll try to upload BD tributes from french and danish performers.
btw - better leave any comments in new posts:)

5:39 AM  

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