Friday, April 27, 2007

Manu Chao "Radio Bemba Sound System" 2002

Manu Chao - 2002 - Radio_Bemba

Review by Drago Bonacich
In July 2002, Manu Chao performed a live show in Japan, ending a worldwide tour carried out with his band, Radio Bemba New System, a multicultural group consisting of ten talented musicians from different countries. From Jamaican reggae to Latin alternative pop/rock, including rock en espaƱol, hip-hop, flamenco, and French rock, The Live Album delivers a collection of hits from 1998's Clandestino, 2001's Ultima Estacion Esperanza, and Mano Negra's legacy, the Parisian rock outfit named in honor of an Andalusian anarchist group that served as Manu Chao's breakthrough in the music industry. In addition, the 29-track record features the previously unreleased "Bienvenido a Tijuana," "Rumba de Barcelona," and a version of the classic Afro-Caribbean-inflected hit "Blood and Fire." Recorded at Paris' Grande Halle de La Villette in September 2001, The Live Album is a multilingual and experimental live experience featuring the best of Manu Chao.

1 Intro 0:50
2 Bienvenida a Tijuana Chao, Meslouhi 1:55
3 Machine Gun Chao, Negra 2:13
4 Por Done Saldra el Sol? Chao 2:41
5 Peligro Chao, Negra 3:09
6 Welcome to Tijuana Chao, Meslouhi 2:50
7 El Viento Chao 2:41
8 Casa Babylon Chao, Negra 2:34
9 Por el Suelo Chao 3:54
10 Blood and Fire Boswell 2:34
11 Ezln...Para Tod@s Todo... 1:41
12 Mr. Bobby Chao 3:36
13 Bongo Bong Chao 1:04
14 Radio Bemba Chao 0:20
15 Que Pasa Que Paso Chao 0:54
16 Pinocchio Capri 0:45
17 Cahi en la Trampa Capri, Chao 2:09
18 Clandestino Chao 2:59
19 Rumba de Barcelona Chao 3:31
20 La Despedida Chao 4:02
21 Mala Vida Chao 2:26
22 Radio Bemba Chao 0:33
23 Que Paso Que Paso Chao 1:10
24 Pinocchio Capri 0:44
25 La Primavera Chao 3:32
26 The Monkey Bartholomew, Negra 1:59
27 King Kong Five Chao, Negra 2:43
28 Minha Galera Chao 3:16
29 Promiscuity Chao 1:44



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