Thursday, May 10, 2007

F.S.K. "International" 1996

Part 1
Review by Richie Unterberger
Although David Lowery is still involved with F.S.K. as producer and sort-of-bandmember, this has a less rootsy, oom-pahish feel than some of their previous work. Most of it's sung in German as well, which leaves the non-Deutsch speakers a bit puzzled, though song titles like "Roxy Munich," "The Moog Banjo Revival," "Amon Duul Diskographie," and "Mark Twain in Heidelberg" certainly sound like they might be a hoot. Their weird sense of humor gets taken to extremes on the covers of "She Acts Like a Woman Should" and "To the Other Woman," poker-faced renditions that add another level of confusion by having a woman assume the lead vocals of these male-to-female love songs. Even after repeated playings, it's hard to know what to make of an album so willfully eccentric. Fans of pop absurdists like Zappa and the Bonzo Dog Band might find some kinship with these folks, but F.S.K.'s humor is more obscure and less immediately appealing.

1 Roxy Muinch Hoffmann, Lowery, Meinecke ... 1:37
2 Die Kaiser Wilhelm Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 5:16
3 El Pastor Aleman Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 2:48
4 Olympiaturm '72 Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 1:09
5 I Want Out of the Circus Lowery 3:51
6 El Pitbull Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... :41
7 She Acts Like a Woman Should Scott 3:49
8 Mark Twain in Heidelberg Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 3:30
9 Mein Kubano Girl Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 3:49
10 The Moog Banjo Revival Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... :44
11 Euro-Trash Girl Faragher, Hickman, Lowery ... 7:15
12 Karl-Eduard Von Schnitzler Polka Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 3:26
13 When Amish Go Bad Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... :35
14 Amon Duul Diskographie Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 4:12
15 Das Schlechteste Land Der Welt Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 2:57
16 Jane Fonda Lied Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 3:28
17 Josh's Melodica Intermezzo Lowery 1:00
18 Dachshund Walzer Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 4:06
19 To the Other Woman Williams 3:07
20 1 + 1 = 3 Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 3:34
21 Medley: Was Kostet Die Welt/Kleiner Polizist Hoffmann, Meinecke, Melian ... 3:18
22 Roxy Munich 2 Hoffmann, Lowery, Meinecke ... 1:49


Blogger giddyup said...

thanks for posting the fsk stuff. its hard to get hold of! i tried to download international but could only download part 2, rapidshare couldnt find part 1!? hope you can solve this.... cheers andy, nottingham uk

3:39 AM  
Blogger humppazoid said...

New links is here:

10:56 PM  
Blogger giddyup said...

thanks, i finally got back to looking up part one again. fsk are a great band!
i ve tried to find Bogsheds LP "Step on It" i got a poor quality rip on mediafire. dont suppose youve got it. its a classic.
have a good sunday, andy

5:19 AM  

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