Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Cars - Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology

The Cars - Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology

1 Just What I Needed Ocasek 3:46
2 My Best Friend's Girl Ocasek 3:46
3 Good Times Roll Ocasek 3:48
4 You're All I've Got Tonight Ocasek 4:16
5 Don't Cha Stop Ocasek 3:05
6 Moving in Stereo Hawkes, Ocasek 4:47
7 Take Me Now [#] Ocasek 4:01
8 Cool Fool [#] Easton, Ocasek 2:42
9 Let's Go Ocasek 3:36
10 Candy-O Ocasek 2:39
11 Dangerous Type Ocasek 4:32
12 Double Life Ocasek 4:26
13 Got a Lot on My Head Ocasek 3:01
14 It's All I Can Do Ocasek 3:47
15 Night Spots [#] Ocasek 3:09
16 Slipaway [#] Ocasek 3:43
17 That's It Ocasek 3:24
18 Panorama Ocasek 5:46
19 Gimme Some Slack Ocasek 3:35
20 Don't Go to Pieces Hawkes, Ocasek 4:03
21 Touch and Go Ocasek 4:58
22 Don't Tell Me No Ocasek 4:02
23 Shake It Up Ocasek 3:35
24 Since You're Gone Ocasek 3:33
25 I'm Not the One Ocasek 4:15
26 Cruiser Ocasek 4:58
27 The Little Black Egg [#] Stone 2:54
28 Funtime [#] Bowie, Pop 3:10
29 You Might Think Ocasek 3:08
30 Drive Ocasek 3:57
31 Magic Ocasek 4:00
32 Hello Again Ocasek 3:49
33 Why Can't I Have You Ocasek 4:05
34 Breakaway Ocasek 3:47
35 Tonight She Comes Ocasek 3:57
36 You Are the Girl Ocasek 3:56
37 Strap Me In Ocasek 4:26
38 Door to Door Ocasek 3:20
39 Leave or Stay [#] Ocasek 3:02
40 Ta Ta Wayo Wayo [#] Ocasek 2:48

Review by Greg Prato
While casual admirers of the Cars can stick with their 1985 Greatest Hits collection, more serious fans should go right to the more thorough two-CD set Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology. Whereas Greatest Hits stuck more or less with their singles, The Cars Anthology contains strong album cuts, non-album B-sides, demos, and unreleased takes, as well as all the expected hits (and a 27-page booklet crammed with rare photos and the band's bio). Just about every rock fan is long familiar with such tracks as "Just What I Needed," "Shake It Up," "Magic," and "Let's Go" (to name a few), but the collection's main attraction is its abundance of unfamiliar material. Such previously released album tracks as "Dangerous Type," "Gimme Some Slack," and "Cruiser" are highlights, as are the rarities "Cool Fool" (one of their hardest-rocking tracks ever), "That's It," a cover of Iggy Pop's "Funtime," and a pair of album-closing early demos ("Leave or Stay" and "Ta Ta Wayo Wayo"). At nearly two and a half hours long, Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology is the ultimate Cars collection, which only confirms their standing as one of the finest bands of the new wave era.



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Thanks for all the great Cars records.

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:) May be they're will make some re-union some day!

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thanks for this pile

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